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Hi Gary,

I see you haven't had much luck with this group.  I have thought I should try to get some kind of group going in my area, Utah, and thought I would see if you have some insights.  I am quite far along the preparation line; energy efficient home, growing food, no debt etc,  What I don't have is a support group.  There are very few people I know that have any interest in making changes.

If you are still there let me know what you are up to.


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it's a lonely road

Hi Ken, (I'm not Gary)

We've learned to expect all our supports to come via the internet. Personal discussions with "like-minded folks" too often ends up gravitating toward frustrated, polarized political rants, without a real sharing of "what they/we're DOING" to become less dependent on the systems we rely on. So, the internet serves our support needs - but we do wish more people would take some kind of actions toward self-preservation.

I am pleased to hear of your successful self-sufficiency efforts in Utah, where it seems like water is an issue. I heard a marvelous story of a man who bought scrub land cheaply because someone in the BLM or extension office considered it worthless, useless dirt. He had a water source (a river backed by a high cliff wall) and started out with goats to improve/fertilize the land, then started peach trees. Now he's completely self-sustaining! I was inspired that anyone CAN make it happen anywhere, if they are determined and thoughtful about it! The challenges are huge here, too.

I'm surprised you're reaching out to another state, since your state has that huge central cannery and pantry, a state where "preparation" is so much a part of the culture.  

What kind of change do you seek support for? 

I look for the localized ".orgs" to join up with  (like Transition, a citizen Sustainability Alliance, a local Slow Foods and other 'foods' or 'sustainability' groups).  

What we did was start with a box of bees and then join the local bee club (for the Four Corners area). This will most certainly bring you closer to a group of like-minded folks. Preserving the bees is definitely part of preserving ourselves.

The local feed store where you get chicken feed (etc.) is another place, if you can get someone engaged in conversation, or draw them into it by taking a sample of your homemade product (soaps, honey, etc.) or something. Spend time at the next fiber arts and other festivals.

You'll find there are people on your path, but if they don't have the same convictions or views - no matter if they are taking actions, it may not be all that rewarding to meet them.


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