Thanksgiving Dinner For $0.50 (in 1909)

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Thu, Nov 27, 2014 - 3:27pm

A fancy dinner cost 50 cents 100 years ago (from Natural News):

A Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Gettysburg in 1909 offered a lush array of gourmet food for just 50 cents. Today that same 50 cents doesn't even buy you a crappy taco at Taco Bell:

The menu, shown below, offered diners fresh lobster salad, broiled lake trout, beechnut ham, roast ribs of prime beef, young Vermont turkey with cranberry sauce, oyster patties, Gettysburg pudding, vanilla cream pie, apple pie, chocolate cake, a variety of cheeses, appetizers and beverages... all for just 50 cents!

Even better, the entire menu was 100% organic and non-GMO because chemical pesticides and GMOs didn't exist in 1909.

Today, a similar Thanksgiving buffet is impossible to find because everything is grown with toxic chemicals and GMOs. But even if you could find such a Thanksgiving buffet, it would easily cost $50 - $100.

So how could this Thanksgiving dinner be 100 to 200 times cheaper in 1909, just one century ago? The answer is because the Federal Reserve banking cartel has stolen almost 99% of America's wealth over the last century.

By creating trillions of dollar in fiat (counterfeit) currency, the Fed has flooded the global marketplace with new dollars that erode the value of all dollars in circulation. Over the last hundred years, this has caused a quiet, insidious theft of almost 99% of the value of money... a fact that's readily apparent in the never-ending price inflation of food. Inflation is NOT a natural phenomenon. If the Fed weren't stealing your wealth, food prices would be the same in 2014 as 1909.

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.50 cents thanksgiving dinner

.50 cents  thanksgiving dinner that cost a $100.00 today that's incredible ! All hail the fed!






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I can still buy two hotdogs

I can still buy two hotdogs at the local convenience store for 50 cents with onions, relish, and hot peppers  for the taking. Almost as good as this meal ;)

To be fair though, this was a single serving meal at some hotel in Pennsylvania that probably doesn't exist anymore. A single serving at a home-cooked thanksgiving feast is wayyy cheaper than 50 dollars. Even with a glass of wine.

Heck, most people use canned cranberry sauce, frozen peas, boxed stuffing, etc. The only real expense is the turkey.

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no vegetarian option...

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Turkey and Crow.

Brought to mind a parable. Where did I read it? Probably Nassim's book Black Swan.

Anyhow it goes something like this.

Turkey gets up in the morning attends to his toiletries, and the heads for the feeding trough. On the way there he bumps chests with the other male turkeys. He then sports himself romancing the lady turkeys until drowsiness overcomes him.

Drifting off to sleep he hears that annoying crow's voice again "Look out- This is all going to end badly, I tell you. I have seen it all before. Escape before it is too late!"

And turkey mumbles sleepily to himself. "Stupid crow. It has always been like this. Wake up, bump chests, eat, drink, chase ladies and sleep."

"That is the Real World."

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