VIDEO: Chris on Falling Oil Prices

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 - 9:34am

RT TV's "Boom Bust" interviewed Chris yesterday on the recent sharp drop in oil prices. What impact does that have on the Peak Oil story? What impact will these lower prices have? And how long may they last?

Chris' segment starts at 15m:20s


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Arthur Robey
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Please place your Bets.

A Giant retail store comes to town.

It slashes prices to below costs and what the little guys can afford to sell them at. The town people cheer because they are getting things cheap. The small retailers go out of business. The giant retail store squeezes the townsfolk. The wealth of the town is extracted. The town collapses. The giant retail store closes and moves on to the next town. Corporatocracy at work. All completely logical and good to any bean counter. The books show a profit, don't they? (Idiotic Left Brain)

The giant in this story is OPEC. They are probably selling oil cheaply now to kill small oil companies. Once that is accomplished- guess what comes next?


Man makes plans, God makes other plans.

In the form of the despised and humiliated and rejected- Cold Fusion.

The conditions in a solid are not those of a plasma.

So who wins in a battle between Man and God? Place your bets here.

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Arthur Robey wrote:So who
Arthur Robey wrote:

So who wins in a battle between Man and God? Place your bets here.

I'll take God for $1,000 Alex, thanks.

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