How to Build a Smokehouse

Wendy S. Delmater
By Wendy S. Delmater on Sun, Oct 12, 2014 - 6:53pm

How to Build a Smokehouse

Preserving food these days seems like a hard job, unless you want to do it in a natural way. The perfect medium for this is a smoke house. This awesome piece of garden facility will make you ready for all the products and dishes specific to the fall season. Making such a structure in your backyard isn’t a simple task, but one which will give you some fruitful rewards over the next few months. You have the full set of instructions at the next website. If you follow the steps from photos, your cedar wood smoke house will be ready in no time. As for tools, you only need a trowel, electric drill, handsaw, power drill and level. The list of supplies is quite long, so be sure to read it thoroughly. Good luck on raising this DIY building and feel free to share some photos with the finished product. And the food you eventually yield from such a wonderful piece, we won’t mind. Directions at the link, hat tip to Goods Home Design.

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Beautiful smoker

What a beauty!

We have hopes of one like that in our future, for now we are going with a stacked block smoker and it does pretty well. Plans can be found on the internet and they can be built for almost just the cost of the block. Ours has a sheet metal roof that we can slide back and forth to control the temperature. It will cold smoke sausage or hot smoke brisket, turkey, or what ever you choose. I dry my jerky with it using cold smoke under 100 degrees. 

It adds great flavor to foods and slow cooking really makes a tough cut tender. We have yet to try a side of bacon or ham, going to have to read up on brining and the use of nitrates.

That one is a beauty, thanks for sharing your find.


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