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By Dagny on Fri, Oct 3, 2014 - 4:05pm

I've been away from Peak Prosperity for quite a while and am not up on some of the terms being used.  What is a PM?  What is a forest garden?

TIA for your help.


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PM = Precious Metals.

Forest gardening is

a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Making use of companion planting, these can be intermixed to grow in a succession of layers, to build a woodland habitat.

Forest gardening is a prehistoric method of securing food in tropical areas. In the 1980s, Robert Hart coined the term "forest gardening" after adapting the principles and applying them to temperate climates.

So, in our temperate climate,  when we planted things like Chinese chestnuts, fiddle head ferns, wild blackberries,  a peach tree and other food-bearing things in the woods behind our house, we were trying to build a forest garden.


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