New book by Massad Ayoob on Use of Deadly Force

By joesxm2011 on Thu, Oct 2, 2014 - 1:29pm

I was reading last month's Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network Members Journal and it mentioned that Massad Ayoob is coming out with a follow on book to his classic In the Gravest Extreme.  The book will be out in December.

Every gun owner should read both of these books and, if possible, attend one of Massad's MAG 40 classes (Rules of Engagement for the Armed Citizen).

The Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network is a good organization to join.  They give you DVD's each year with very good stuff on them plus a lot of other services that you can read about on their web site.  They also make their monthly Member's Journal available for free on the web site.  There are some good articles.



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new book seems pretty good

To my surprise, the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network sent the new Ayoob book out this year instead of a DVD.  It arrived yesterday.

I started reading it this morning and have finished the first couple of chapters.  So far it seems pretty good. The writing style is very similar to listening the Ayoob speak at his classes and he seems to be covering the material very well.

Ayoob says that this is a companion to the original In the Gravest Extreme book rather than a replacement so reading both is probably a good idea.  If you can't get to the MAG-40 class or can't afford the $800 this is a good way to get some exposure to the material.

As I have said many times, in the Black Swan situation where you are involved in an incident you will be spending easily $50,000 in legal fees even if you are not convicted so the cost of the class or the cost of these books is a drop in the bucket.

There is so much misinformation out there on what to do that getting it from someone of Ayoob's stature is priceless.  He is the gold standard on this subject.

btw - I saw other threads recommending the new Colder War book about the rise of Russia and Putin in the energy sector.  I just finished reading that as well and it seems to have a lot of good information in it.

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