End of Summer...

By Retha on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 - 6:29am

...well, almost end of summer on the calendar anyway!

I think I've finally 'settled in' after a couple of transient years, landing northwest of Austin.  While trying to get used to the difference in the hill country landscape, I'm on a new learning mission.  Water is short and the area is almost desert-like compared to the gulf coast setting where I've spent most of my life.  The deer are abundant!  As are rabbits and roadrunners!  So..what to grow, how to grow it...and how to keep the wildlife from eating it...that's on top of my list!   

What is everyone in Texas doing these days?  Planting for fall? Stocking up on supplies? Preparing for the impending Ebola or the market drop?  Or planning to enjoy a little cooler weather that (hopefully) will arrive in time for the Fall festivals?  I'm trying to do a little of it all smiley... One day at a time.





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