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By Eggscape on Sun, Aug 24, 2014 - 7:31am
I would give the Flower Pot Heater five stars as a useful and enjoyable project, but only if you keep a couple of factors in mind.  
First, it will not heat a large room.  I had my single Flower Pot Heater burning in my office for three and a half hours (which is how long the tea candles lasted) and it didn’t raise the temperature even one degree. My office is 20’ by 20’.  However, if you stand next to the flower pot heater, it provides serious heat and the pot itself is too hot to touch.  It would probably keep you warm in a closet or very small room. I would compare the amount of heat it generates to the heat from two old-fashioned 100-watt bulbs when they’re turned on. However, in an emergency, I could imagine being very happy to have that much heat readily available.
Second, you will have trouble assembling the flower pot heater unless you have a drill press.  You need to cut a hole for the threaded rod to go through the  bottom of the heater, and it turns out that cutting a half inch hole in a clay pot is very time-consuming if you try to use a dremel. I started by using a dremel but gave up after a couple of minutes. To my surprise, my clay flower part seemed nearly as hard to cut as steel.  I think it could have taken me half an hour to get the job done.  However, using my diamond-tipped half-inch drill press, it took only a minute.
Despite the drawback of limited heat and the need for a drill press, I am still happy as can be with this project and am about to make a second one for my sister.  I’ll also be buying more tea candles, this time the long-lasting tea ones. Amazon has 7-hour tea candles, $59.25 for 400, or 6.8¢ each.

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Flower Pot Heater as a project

The flower pot heater looks like a fun project, but it really won't create any more heat than the candles alone.  A flower pot cannot create or increase energy.  I think it actually gives the impression of creating more heat because it slows the spread of the heat around the room.  The candles heat the pot, keeping the heat mostly in the area of the pot.  It's like any space heater.  If you sit right in front of it, it feels warmer than if you point it away from you, but it still warms the room just as much.  That said, it does look like a fun project and it certainly seems like it would be a more romantic source of heat than an electric space heater, and it works when the power is out.


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