Break-in at Sportsman's Club

By joesxm2011 on Mon, Aug 11, 2014 - 9:56am

Last week someone broke into the range shed and the club house at my local sportsman's club.  A couple interesting lessons learned.

The club house was supposedly protected by ADT, but there was no talk of the alarm company sending the police soon enough to do any good.

More startling to me was that the guy was able to more or less defeat the cameras by putting a hoodie up over his head and holding a flashlight in his mouth.  The flashlight caused an IR bloom in the camera that made it impossible to see his face.

The club is up a dirt road and a walking trail crosses the property.  It seems that the criminal came down the walking trail.  He was on foot, so nothing heavy was taken.  Basically the window was smashed and about $40 from the refreshment fund was taken.  They also destroyed 100 targets in the shed.

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Usefulness of ADT in Rural Areas

This post reinforces my opinion that systems like ADT have relatively little usefulness in rural or remote areas.  A neighbor has a similar alarm system. Recently, when the alarm went off, it was several hours before a county sheriff's deputy came by to check.  It turned out to have been a false alarm. 

It's interesting, too, that the intruder was able to conceal his face from the cameras.  For a smart intruder, nothing is much of a deterrent.

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