maple leaf silver coins sell price?

By griffin_222 on Thu, Jul 24, 2014 - 3:33pm

I'm new to buying and selling silver.

I want to know what to expect to sell a Canadian maple leaf 1 oz silver coin for compared to spot price?

I herd there is a premium on these coins and that you should be able to sell them for over spot price because of this.

Also where the best place to sell sliver maple leafs?


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Example buy/sell spread

An example spread for online brokers can be found at APMEX.

Both the buy and sell prices are listed.  Please note that I have not sold to APMEX but it is one of the few sites that lists their buy price.

APMEX sell prices are generally higher on average.  However, they run frequent specials that make them competitive.

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maple leaf silver coins sell price?

Thanks that is Awesome is this also a price that I should be looking to sell on something like craigslist or ebay or other non-dealer buyers.

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