Forever stamps as good as gold?

By Vegheat on Tue, Jul 22, 2014 - 5:37pm

Hello. I was wondering if investments in Forever Stamps are a poor man's alternative to investing in gold? Like gold, forever stamps have inherent value that is not going to be inflated away like things called bank balances or dollars. Forever Stamps might be a kind of investment that will withstand the ravages of inflation or even hyperinflation. I think the US Post Office will soon have to start paying its own way, rather than running billions in deficits. That should lead to major price increases in first class postage. Yes, the Forever Stamps will avoid these being a trouble, but did you know the Post Office still prints 49¢ postage and can withdraw the Forever Stamp any time it wants to? If they do, expect postage rates to climb rapidly. If you buy an investment number of Forever Stamps now, won't they increase in value far faster than any other form of investment out there? Indeed, stamps have traditionally been a unit of value in trading, although less popular recently. Doesn't anyone remember small renumberances for advertising gifts being payable in cash or stamps?


So I am going to buy some stamps instead of trying to save up for a bar of gold. The value will be far more convenient to hold, far more affordable, far more divisible, and otherwise as good as gold. Anyone else doing this?


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No, Postal Service will go

No, Postal Service will go under to get rid of FOREVER STAMPS or revise number of stamps required to mail letter.

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End of post office?

I am surprised you think the US post office system is going to close. The service has been there since 1775, almost 240 years so far, and no one is talking of closing it. Is there evidence that it is going to go under soon? I think it more likely that they will increase the rates to what it actually costs, in which case the Forever Stamps will become a bargain. I also suspect they will stop offering these stamps when the rate increases start to accelerate. Let's check back in 5 years and see who was right on this.

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