'Demonstrations for Peace' Across Germany

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Mon, Jun 23, 2014 - 5:20pm

Chris and I have been hearing mention of "demonstrations for peace" occurring across Germany. From what we can tell, this is a populist movement demanding more accountability from the government on many of the Three E issues, as well as civil liberty. It seems the US is common target of ire; specifically its Federal Reserve and military industrial complex.

If there are any German or otherwise informed readers viewing this, we'd love to hear from you in the Comments below whether this movement is something the average person in Germany is aware of. And if so, does it have popular support?

Any in-country insights will be much appreciated.



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'Demonstrations for Peace' Across Germany

Hi Adam,

I'm from Germany, I personally have never been at any of those demonstrations but and quite aware of them and a few of my friends who have taken part in them gave me detailed accounts.

They situation is quite complicated. Overall the German population is pacifistic in general and there has never been much support for any military intervention in any conflict. And it's fair to say that a significant part of the German population thinks that the Ukraine conflict is a proxy war fraught against the interest of Europe in General. (This view is different in eastern Europe where the anti Russian sentiment is stronger). Also a common view of the protesters is that the media reporting of world events in general is quite biased and misleading. And the third common point is that the current financial system is highly unfair and causing most of the mischief. And according to the organizers of the demonstrations the Fed is at the root of all this disaster. But I wouldn't go as far as saying that the majority of the demonstrators share this view. As far as I can tell the demonstrators are a quite distinct group from all kind of different political groups both from the left and the right or people who are just fed up with the establishment. Conspiracy theories seem to be quite popular as well (such as chemtrail conspiracy theories or theories that free energy is possible but this information is suppressed by big energy corporations). But one thing I would say for sure is that the vast majority of the protesters does not have any anti-Semite tendencies. Which is exactly what the main stream media reporters say. "These people believe that the Fed is causing all kind of problems. They think the Fed is controlled by Jews, therefore they are anti-Semites."

The general population is probably way to caught up in their daily routine to question the mainstream news to take the protesters seriously, but the political class is probably getting quite nervous. I cannot otherwise explain why they would want to spend 300 Mio Euros on realtime monitoring of facebook and twitter



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As usual

 no coverage on this reported in the UK that I can find. Go on Germany its good to see you leading by example. I hope many other nations take note. We are after all..... bankers slaves!

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