Money Creation and the New Zealand Economy - simple slideshare to share with friends

Amanda V
By Amanda V on Sun, Jun 1, 2014 - 1:34am

Hello fellow New Zealand PP folk

I've made a slideshare show to explain to others how money is created and how it relates to the NZ economy, especially during the last 6 years. It's had some good feedback. It is especially relevant with an election coming up.  It is only 41 slides, so it is not too long. Share this with anyone you think would be interested or who it would help them understand this difficult topic - I tried to keep it really easy to understand.





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Amanda - well done!

Amanda - I'm glad you're getting food feedback.  Very well done.

I have a suggestion.  Right before you get to solutions, you might state what will happen if we let the debt-money system grow until it bursts.  Sort of spell out the catastrophe so people will view the pain of inaction as higher than the cost of advocating for positive money.

Three typos to fix...on slide 7 it's Kenneth Boulding, with an "o"; on slide 31 "minister" is misspelled in the title; on slide 38 it should be into, instead of in to.

While it could be said I am something of a typo nut, I have found that even the smallest of glitches can provide people with an 'easy out' for dismissing challenging best to keep those easy outs to a minimum.  


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robie robinson
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You spelled "food" correctly, did you mean to spell it with a "g" instead?

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Arthur Robey
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Excellent Slide Show Amanda.


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Heh heh
robie robinson wrote:

You spelled "food" correctly, did you mean to spell it with a "g" instead?

Well, there you have it.  Ironic fastidiousness is hard to achieve, yet it can be done with enough practice.


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Amanda V
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Thanks very much Chris. Wow,

Thanks very much Chris. Wow, I'm honored you took the trouble to look at this.

Of course, now it's up on slideshare on this link, I can't change it anymore, I can only remove this one and put a new one up - which I am a bit loathed to do as people have embedded this one in many different sites and the link wouldn't work for them.

Wow you are the only person who even noticed I wrote "minsiter" - not even myself! Good eagle eye there Chris. Funny!

I will take your other suggestion though with info about what will happen if we wait till debt-money bursts - but will incorporate that in to an updated slideshare I will be starting soon.

I too like to be a typo nut - but apart from having no minor spelling errors, I hope to go for a bit more of a consistent and professional look for the next one too. 

There's a long path ahead of me!



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Well done

Well done, Amanda. You achieved your objective, I think, in making it easy to understand, though the people here are already aware of much of this, so may not be an ideal audience to judge :)

I have only one serious comment but, following Chris's eagle eye on typos, I've including some other minor comments.

Slide 7 mentions "INDEFINITE GROWTH". I wonder if "INFINITE GROWTH" might be a better choice. Indefinite often means poorly defined, though it could mean without limit. "Infinite" is the opposite of "finite" and so may fit better.

The graph in slide 11 is difficult to read but you may not be able to get a clearer graph and I suppose the main idea is clear enough. The graph is repeated on a late slide, in case you decide to change it.

On slide 35, I'm not sure why "Our Total" has initial capitals. It's probably sufficient to just have them bold.

On slide 38, it's not clear what you mean by "rebuild ... the New Zealand economy". What do you think the aim should be, for the New Zealand economy? As you didn't expand on that, it might leave some viewers wondering.


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