Permaculture in wet environment

By akgorrell on Tue, May 27, 2014 - 9:06pm

Have a stream that runs through my property. 3-4 times per year it overruns banks and floods surrounding land.  Currently grass and Cottonwood Trees grow on the property.  What kind of plants would you suggest for this fairly wet environment in zone 5A?

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need info

Hi, akgorrell, can you tell us what USDA Zone you are in, and what the moisture is like the rest of the year? Cottonwoods of various types exist from Hudson Bay to Texas, so that's not enough to go on.

Without knowing more, unless the stream bed runs dry a lot the first thing I would recommend is elderberries.

You could check with your state agricultural extension service. In my area (SC, Zone 8) they recommend the following edibles for wet areas: pecan trees, pawpaw trees, persimmons, sweet bay (spice: bay leaf), taro, mint and sea oats . I'd add tea bushes to that, honeysuckle, and cattails (Baked, their tubers are a potato substitute). Depending how far north or south you are you have more choices. North I'd consider cranberry and mint. South I'd consider ginger .

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