A post-Rowe meetup, 3E's North of NYC

Jim H
By Jim H on Wed, May 14, 2014 - 8:42am

Well... it has happened.  A post-Rowe meet-up of like-minded Martenson/Taggart acolytes took place at the (now) leafy JimH estate North of NYC.  While our group hails mostly from the Rowe class of 2014, we were pleased to have a previous serial Rowe attendee, Simon, join our group as well.  To say that we have all become fast friends would be an understatement... there is joy to be had in just being with other folks who realize that there is a matrix, and have begun the process of unplugging from it.                        



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Ding - we have a winner!

Congrats, Jim - and the entire "Three Es North of NYC" Group - for winning the competition to be the first post-Rowe team to create a regional Group and convene in person (AND provide photo evidence of such).

Jim: I'll be mailing your victory PP.com aurum to you shortly. I leave it to you to figure out how to split it 7 ways....

NYC Group: seeing you all together makes me very happy. I'm glad you're experiencing firsthand the joy of congregating with like-minded thinkers and doers, and I'm excited to hear over time about the ways in which you use the Group to support each other. The goodwill and practical value that comes from these gatherings is hard to convey - but now that you're experiencing it yourselves, you now know.

Thanks for blazing the trail for the other Rowe attendees. I hope other similar photos from other new Groups follow soon!


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Splitting the aurum is Not Necessary



As a Rowe 2011 and 2013 attendee it is a good feeling to be reconnected with people. This PP.com website and its forums are great, but human interaction is a great motivator to do more and a great confidence builder as a result of realizing all the preps and resilience I have put in the lives of my family and several other close friends. This group just extends my "community" over more of Westchester county and nearby Connecticut.


The one great take-away of the evening for me was a "Realization" of something I heard at both Rowe weekends: "Once you have taken an action, you can sleep a bit better knowing that you have that piece of the Resilience puzzle in place" That is in addition to the fellowship and a sense that we are moving forward in our goals.


At one point I asked "What if the water supply is shut off? Perhaps an electrical outage or major water main break or storm surge contamination." Everyone there has several sources from stored water, filtration of stream or well water, etc. With that piece done, we each can move forward with the Next Right Step.

We don't have to split the aurum as the camaraderie of the group and Jim's great gluten-free meal is more then enough reward to me/us. You really missed a great 4 hours of sharing ideas and great food.

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Leafy JimH estate

We would love to see pictures of the leafy areas.  :-)

Seriously, It is very nice to see you all enjoying each others company and finding interesting things to talk over.

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