Farmbot - thoughts on its use.

By jasonw on Thu, May 8, 2014 - 2:08pm

Anyone looking into using the Open Source Farmbot technology?  Today I came across a post on the resilient communities site about this new Open Source Technology called Farmbot that can help automate gardening and farming.  and the farmbot site:

I wanted to get folk's thoughts on the utility and necessity of implementing such technology in a backyard garden space. Is the energy invested in such systems a sustainable step forward?



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Honestly Jason, it l.ooks

Honestly Jason, it l.ooks interesting but at $1000 per machine, It's probably out of the reach of most people. Might be useful in urban gardening for long, long beds, but with 18 raised beds the cost for me would be staggering.

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Plan the garden into longer beds?

If a person knows this technology will be used, then they could plan the garden into long beds, rather than what lumber size is available.  And, I think this plant would be ideally suited for smaller crops as things like tomatoes get trellised and grow all. Tomatoes also get mulched so weeds aren't as big an issue.

i see some amazing benefits to this technology though. Think of the unit weeding a 1,000 foot plot overnight and all you have to do is harvest. For the farmers market people it's a tax deduction and reduces labor by a dozen hands.

One thing I would like is something like this to work in the greenhouse over night and then move it to another raised bed the next night, and maybe do that for as many as 14 different rows long enough for the bot to complete the work in 24 hours.

the idea of a library of Open Source programs people share is a plus but it still means each person would need to know some program language. Still a very resourceful tool for large production crops and think of all the large machinery it could replace!

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