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Becca Martenson
By Becca Martenson on Wed, Apr 30, 2014 - 6:07am

Welcome home everyone!

I trust you all made it back safely and hopefully with smooth travels.  As you re-engage with your regular life, I am curious about how the themes from the seminar are resonating.  What are you noticing now, that you might not have noticed before?  Where are you seeing you life through a slightly different lens?  What action steps have you taken already?

(I know that a certain couple from Texas has already joined a CSA- way to go Dana and Tom!)

I'd love to hear from you all, and to see you support each other using this group in the months after the seminar. One of the common refrains from our opening circle on Friday night was a feeling of isolation and loneliness as you live with your Crash Course beliefs within the dominant paradigm.  Now that you have had face time and meal time with each other, you have a deeper level of connection with each other.  That deeper  connection can be fostered to become lasting relationships, if you so choose.

So please check in and let us all know how you are doing! Many of you were grappling with enormous life decisions and I'd love to hear how you are doing.

Here's my check-in:  I spent the evening last night in a smaller council of my larger community, sitting with the question of how we support each other during difficult times. In our group we've had long-term couples break up, parents with children who are seriously struggling, and people with close loved ones who have passed.  As we all know, it doesn't take massive financial collapse to experience fear, confusion and heartbreak.  How do we as a close community consciously support those who are struggling?  

I don't have any answers yet, but 6 of us committed to meet one evening every other week to dive into the subject and create some proposals for the larger group.  I'll let you know what we come up with!

What's your check-in?

With gratitude,


Edit: The slides for Saturday morning, which included the 8 forms of capital, are now attached below.  Jsut click the link to download.

rowe_2014_saturday_morning_v.3.pdf6.18 MB


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Jodi Stanley
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Wish we'd been there!

Hello, Becca.

Thank you for the leadership your family and the Taggarts have bravely offered up to those of us timidly inching along, overwhelmed with the unpredictable future that looms. Wish we could've joined you for this year's "one and only" Peak Prosperity seminar! Seeing your note above to those who were able to partake makes me a teensy bit envious of the bonds that were forged. 

We keep knocking our tin foil hats as educated, level-headed people, wondering whether we've gone mad. Then, we review the latest articles on Peak Prosperity and say "OK, we are not crazy. What we are seeing is real, we must continue on our course." 

Blessings to all of you and to all of us across the country who are joined together by a commitment to raising families who will lead the way when the wheels fall off! And here's hoping that we are granted more time to pursue the ideals of preparedness that will protect the most people for the longest period of time.

Blue skies,

Jodi Stanley

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Tuning in

I continue to be amazed!  Chit chat with two co-workers led to "What did you do last weekend?" that soon gave an opening for me to ask "What do you think of what's happening in the economy?".  Their responses let me know that they were curious about the seminar.  A brief description of the 8 types of capital provoked some serious interest!  They both asked for the web address of Peak Prosperity.  The stage is set for me to get back with them in a day or two with questions about what they found and their reactions to it. 

What fun to unexpectedly locate two people of like mind!


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Power Points

Will the Power Point slides that were used during the seminar be posted soon?  I'd like to refresh my memory about some of the material.  For example, I can recall four of the types of capital; I'm eager to remember the other four.


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Meeting you

I haven't gotten too far in conversations with my bridge club friends or my tennis group but I keep seeding anyway.  I'm getting better at asking rather than telling.

I am enlivened and content rich going into a day this weekend with the Art of Mentoring Elders in Vermont. We will be working on the development of that role for the annual gathering (sponsored by Becca's Vt Wilderness School) in the fall and for our regular lives.

I loved meeting all of you. What a treat for me to know you are all out there raising consciousness and changing lives.



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That is a great thought.. I liked the slides and would like to see them also


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World Made by Hand

Dave bought me the book on Monday,  "World Made by Hand" and when I add the weekend and its content mix to the book chapters, it has made for some powerful conclusions and very interesting dreams.     Powerful.    I am going along in the grain of acceptance and fighting it too a little bit.  The little things seem crazy to me.  Sayings like "paper or plastic?"  at the grocery store.  or  The handful of junk mail I had in my mail box, and most of it doesn't  even have my name on it.    The little things in daily life,  I would usually miss all seem so different. I am different  The yoga classes I have taught this week seem different. . 

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Mr Nola
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Feelings of change

I've tried several times to comment on Becca's topic of struggling couples/people but seem to get lost in the process. Maybe I'm too deep into it to actually comment on it.  What I have noticed is that there seems to be a wide spread feeling of anxiety. That word might be a little strong for what people have been talking about but when I noticed and started asking others the comment that "something feels off, wrong" is fairly common.

Three couples of 20+ years that I know closely have either split up or are close to it. And whenever that conversation comes up with someone new they say the same thing. If they aren't struggling they have friends that are. All I can say is whiskey tango foxtrot? Is there break up juice in those chem trails?


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Access to Rowe slides and...

First, hello!  

I've just uploaded the Saturday morning slides in PDF format (so everyone can access them without needing to have the latest version of PowerPoint) and you can get them by going up to the top of this thread and clicking the link at the bottom of Becca's post.

Next, I too see a lot of 'movement' in very long-term relationships with splits aplenty.  Maybe that's just a normal thing and I'm noticing it more, but it could also be true that the very big changes in the world have something to do with the trend.

One possibility is that big changes tend to trigger big shifts in people, or at least a reexamination of sorts, and perhaps some formerly happy couples are realizing that the circumstances that applied when they originally partnered are no longer applicable?

We all change in life and that's doubly true if the/when the main narrative is breaking down.

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Relationships changing..

I am one with a more than reluctant spouse. I voiced it at Rowe 2014, and I believe my deeper understanding of our worlds precarious situation in time will be one of the main undoings of (our marriage) us. 

My wife berated me further (after the seminar) about watching youtube videos (the Crash Course) claiming "the sky is falling"....

There are other factors, but a main theme seems to be she is a "rule follower", and can not begin to question the old narrative. I, like Chris, feel the ability to both discover and make decisions based on new evidence and facts. 

I've tried many different ways to show her there "might" be a change coming....I do feel envious of those couples that both see things with a similar lens.

In my deeper understanding I've become more authentic in my feelings about being the change you want to see. 

Also, thank you to Chris, Becca and Adam and all who attended Rowe 2014, it was very tiring but worth it, despite what my wife thinks..

Franco in Redondo

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Thanks so much for taking the time to post the slides, is greatly appreciated!

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