Is there anything more we can do to make this group more active?

By Algie on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 - 5:56pm

Hi folks,

Was just pondering, is there anything more we can do to make the UK group more active?

What do people want to talk about? Is there anything we can do to spread the message further in the UK?




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Pick a parallel hot topic and ride on its coat tails


A long time back I was looking into peak oil and the effects that it would have on my life. The advice was good: build communities, local knowledge and hoard supplies for sharing later.

The problem is that it is no longer a hot button topic and most people are unaware of its impacts. There is so much FUD surrounding the topic that it is near impossible for anyone to get a clear picture of what they should be doing on a day to day basis. 

Peak Prosperity is very US-centric so anyone trying to make anything happen within this forum is going to have an uphill struggle. I would suggest branching out and forming links with local groups who have similar ideals about effecting change towards a more sustainable future.

One such group in the UK is the Bitcoin people. I'll just pause here for the gales of laughter to subside. Recently the UK Digital Currency Association (see was formed. Their stated goal is to provide people with information about digital currencies and how they are going to change economics in the near future.

So here we have a group of dedicated people working towards changing the way people look at money with many groups organised through Meetup. Many of these people have libertarian attitudes, with a healthy mix of greedy self-interest to keep the whole process fuelled. What if this group started looking at ways in which Bitcoin businesses could be used to promote resilient local communities?

Here's an article I wrote a while back that may offer some food for thought:

It might just breathe new life into this forum.

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How to breathe more life into groups...

How to breathe more life into a group is an excellent question and pursuit.

The goal is to get a group up to critical mass whereby it takes on a life of its own.

Sometimes,usually, this takes one dedicated person to get the ball rolling.  Adam has done it for his Sebastopol group and I'm sure he's got some additional ideas.

Mine are:

  • Begin by finding and posting content to your group that is relevant to the people you are hoping to attract...UK-centric data, and even things of more local import are good places to start.
  • Then cross post the things you run across at this site and on other sites that make your group location a convenient place for someone to stop by and find things that are interesting and relevant to them.  This could be UK stuff, but maybe not...
  • Private Message (PM) people from the site who are from the UK and invite them.
  • Post a thread in the forums announcing this group and invite people to come to the group by clicking a link and ask them to sign up.  
  • Host local meetings and announce them on your group calendar.  Hold them at a pub or other public space that has convenient access to public transit and parking...
  • Put other events from your region that are of interest on your calendar.
  • Hold public showings of the Crash Course, and especially the new Accelerated Crash Course when it comes out in a month or so (we'll keep you informed).

The last bullet above has been the most effective for me and for other people that have tried it.  In Sonora CA one gentleman reached several hundreds of people this way and has a thriving local community to work within on these matters as a result. 

Once you've gotten the group to a critical mass it should run itself in terms of content and energy...

Finally, tell us what is working about these groups and what is not.  Making them better is very high on my personal list of things to do next...

Chris M.

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Oy vey! Threats now!
cmartenson wrote:
  • Post a threat in the forums announcing this group and invite people to come to the group by clicking a link and ask them to sign up.  

Isn't this against site rules, lol?  Where's this Jason fellow? 



[Moderator message: Hello, Michael.  This is the second time I have spoken to you in 24 hours.  Your posting privileges are revoked.]

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Bob? Is that you? "Go Tigers?"

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breathing new life. ..

Hi Kevin,
I am also in the UK and sympathise, however do not lose hope there are likeminded people especially in the transition town groups. A while ago a bunch of people in 2 transition groups spent a Day filling mylar bags with beans, rice, rolled oats etc.

The prepping mind set is pretty alien to any Brits who didn't live thru the 2nd world war, but our very belief in the ability of the state to look after us from cradle to grave means that the prepping mind set is all the more vital. My perception - please correct me if I am wrong- is that fundamentally we Brits trust our government in a way that Americans don't seem to trust theirs. We certainly trust our police more. Will that hold true if we come more and more under the authority of the EU?

There are specific challenges for Brits such as how best to protect ourselves in a country where non criminals are not armed, how to manage in a country that is second only to north Korea in cctv surveillance, lessons we can learn from the 2011 English Riots etc.

Perhaps the thing to do would be to join your local transition group and start to blog about it here. If you blog, they will come..

Many many thanks to Chris for taking the time to post.

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Re Chris' first bullet point- UK bloggers

So far the only credible UK based blogger I've found who is aware of Chris' work and the PP field is Dr Tim Morgan.  He used to be Global Research Analyst for Tullet Prebon ( where he issued a report called "The Perfect Storm" which got a hostile review in the Daily Telegraph ).

 Lately he blogs for himself at Surplus Energy

I'll post links if anyone is interested.   

Chris, I don't know if you and Tim Morgan have ever met or corresponded, but if you have, I'd say Tim Morgan would be a potentially excellent addition to your featured voices.

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Pension changes in recent budget


Rarely post..

interesting blog referenced above, here's a recent post relevant to the UK budget.

One thing occurred to me is that yes some retirees may go the "buy to let" route or burn it up in other ways,(holidays+cars)..

But for the wise its an excellent opportunity to release equity and build an efficient eco Home in a desired location that can be handed onto future generations... (unlike an annuity)



PS Nice for Chris to add hIs 2cents :-) 

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hi Chris

Appreciate you posting thank you.

Here's more detail on the UK pension changes

Wish I was a housebuilder. I would market small affordable efficient bungalows aimed at new retirees, resilient, energy generating secure housing is a must for the uncertain future ahead.

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Pensions - use to invest in resilience

Here's another link on the pensions changes...

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I should have added...

that I probably disagree with Tim Morgan politically; plus his personal style is not as appealing and affable as Chris' is.

On the other hand, figuring out a political stance or response to PP issues does not seem easy or straightforward to me, so I'll take my information where I can get it.

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I've been a PP member for over 3 years, but have written elsewhere on the coming Perfect Storm

I'm new to the Brit group, but it strikes me that the challenge with a British group is that its comprised of geographically split members, and that interaction is therefore difficult. 

I'd be interested, though, in interacting with anyone in our local area - Cornwall - who wanted to engage in a Cornwall PP Group. A good starting point would be investment and resilience approaches. If any other PP member in Cornwall is interested, let me know here and I'll investigate setting it up. 


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I DO have a suggestion.

I spent some time in Silute Lithuania, and am well aware that many of my friends are now in England. Ironically, though, Lithuania is perhaps much better suited to weather the Peak Prosperity storm than England.

So if you started looking for Lithuanians -- learn the language, start vistiting the towns, buy farmettes that they can return to, but are in fact yours -- and by the deal, in a crash you can return to too, share in the good, share in the bad...

I think you'd find things worked out fairly well.

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Cornwall Group

Hi, sadly I am nowehre near Cornwall but have you tried linking up with your local Transition Group? You may well find some like minded people there. Good idea about Lithuania; they strike me as very resilient as a people (going by the ones I have met!) very far from our own entitlement culture.

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