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By hydrodog on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 - 3:41am

... for everyone it will be different.... For me ... I'm thinking of a place with no heating bills .... little in the way of Real Estate Taxes .... A place where if you had a home and car ... you could live quite well today for about $1000 per month... 

I want the most freedom .... so half my plan is a boat which is a home that can go anywhere along the coasts you like ..... if you don't like one place... just go to another....   half the year I'll be traveling on this boat ... the other half with be on the island of Montserrat ....  I can stay there and not pay their taxes if I don't spend more than 183 days a year on island.... My real estate tax is only 134 dollars a year for a villa that has a volcano vista ... an ocean view ... a pool ... and is a 1/4 mile from a mostly deserted nice black sand beach .... 360 day growing season   ... most lots sell from 20 to 30 K....  Resale Villas from 150K to 400K ... villas are mostly furinshed.

I'd like others to check out this island as a possible expat haven....   the more of us that are down there the better we all are....Real estate carrying costs are very low.......

I have a good feel for this island ... ask any questions you want... ....a good place to take a vacation..... check it out ...... and enjoy the Caribbean the way it used to be b4 the big resorts and casinos got in.   Maybe you will find a new home where life is more pleasant and a little easier.....

I never dreamed I could look forward to such a lifestyle........

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Selling North Idaho Property

Selling Cabin on 5 acres with existing trees in North Idaho. The cabin has a water well, electric, phone, septic, and 1 full bath. There is plenty of room to add on for more bedrooms. The property has a productive garden, a back-up outhouse, a large hanger for woodworking & storage and is Prepper friendly. The area is made up of small-hold farmers and ranchers, the property has a 360 degree view of surrounding area, and is the last cabin on a small, tucked-away access road. The cabin is accessible from a secondary 2-lane highway, and 5 miles of maintained gravel road from secondary highway to cabin. Satellite Internet and T.V. is available in the area, if needed. This area draws hunters from all across the U.S. for its white tail deer and elk and wilderness recreation.

Asking $95,000 or best offer. Call Tom at (208) 245-0144

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