Using silver coins now

By Vegheat on Sat, Mar 15, 2014 - 3:35pm

I tried to post this under alternative energy, but was refused. Hope it is appropriate here. My company, Homestead Inc. has been a distributor of B-100 Biodiesel for over 10 years in western Massachusetts. We sell only B-100 ASTM certified and road legal fuel. 

We are offering our fuel for the same value as it was 50 years ago, 25¢ per gallon in coin. This is not a sale, it is our posted price for the foreseeable future. The requirement is that this 50 year old price must be paid with 50 year old money, that is, we offer the fuel for US coins that were made in 1964 or earlier. These are coins that inherent money value, they are "junk silver" with 90% silver content. They include dimes, quarters, half-dollars and silver dollars.

We offer delivery for home heating oil, expertise in use, storage and handling this fuel, and we set up home filling tank systems so you can be secure in your transportation fuel needs. Read more about biodiesel at

Tom Leue


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