Anyone have a burning question/issue for the Resilency Workshop?

By greendoc on Wed, Mar 5, 2014 - 2:24pm

Hello all, 

I am attending the three day workshop ( over the weekend.

"The Art of Participatory Leadership is an intensive 3-day event where you will experience and practice a set of simple yet powerful approaches for hosting powerful conversations, building strong organizations and communities, and leading change. Come explore how to unleash our collective intelligence and build adaptive, resilient communities."

 If anyone is curious about a particular issue/skill set, etc. let me know and I will be happy to explore and report back at one of our Taylor Maid Saturday mornings. I just hope I can sit still that long, though I expect this won;t be your usual classroom experience. 




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Keeping it Together

Hi Claire,

Yes, I do.  I have been a part of two different Transition type groups now and I have watched both of them disintegrate.  My question is what are the key ingredients necessary to keep people engaged in contributing to a volunteer organization so that it survives over time?  In both cases I watched the organizations struggle with how to have enough structure to function and to remain consensus driven rather than hierarchical.  In both cases I saw weaknesses in the relationships among the people involved as a tricky issue.

Thanks for asking!


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Art of hosting Workshop in a nutshell

HI Suzie,

Well, on a personal level the conference was fantastic: very beautiful setting lots of kum-ba-ya moments. great people, wonderful food and discussion.  James howard Kunstler would have snorted in derision at all the pixie dust however.

Although in advance we were asked to email specific questions we would like answered, they were never really addressed. IT was all about the agenda of teaching the tools.  I asked my specific question and was referred to the group mind to help answer in the off times , and since I was not staying on site, never really had time to pick the group mind.  

As for your questions, no real answer there. Presumably the answer was make your group as fun (and relevant) as possible thru "sustainable" hedonism.  And there was a very real grokking that sometimes groups die because they were meant to die.  

I did met several folks from transition Sebastopol who knew you: Maggie, Deborah, Marissa, Julia.  We are going to try to have beers in the future, I will send you the email. Hope to be at Taylor Maid Saturday, the 15th.

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