Mental preparation for that moment when you are attacked

By thc0655 on Tue, Feb 25, 2014 - 6:27pm


A few days ago I posted a news article about a Detroit mother who defended herself from three armed home invaders using a rifle.

In my comments I wrote:

When the home invaders initially break into the house through the back door they are verbally warned by the armed mom that she is armed and will shoot. They are not impressed and continue to advance on her. She fires in self defense (but not accurately) and THAT impresses the thugs who pile back out the door. It is true that many armed good guys and gals are not psychologically prepared to use lethal force when the moment of truth arrives. This is also true of many criminals.  We are all hard-wired with powerful inhibitions against killing fellow human beings, and most of us have a very hard time overcoming those inhibitions (at least in the beginning).  The best teacher is experience (unfortunately, because you don't want that kind of experience) but you shouldn't completely trust yourself to quickly and skillfully respond to the first lethal threat against your life with your own use of lethal force. You might hesitate. You might not be able to pull the trigger at all. You might go into brain lock.  Physical training can help, but it's the psychological training that will be most effective in overcoming your natural inhibitions when the time comes to overcome them.  Experienced violent criminals know these things too, and some of them will not be impressed with the sight of your gun or knife.  They will be impressed if you come across convincingly as quite willing to shoot and kill them.  Still, some will not be turned away and have to be put down with lethal force.

The following is a brief article by a former Navy SEAL on this exact subject of mental or psychological preparation to face a life-threatening situation.  This is exactly what I meant when I encouraged you to engage in psychological training to prepare for that moment when your life is on  the line and you have to respond to save yourself and your loves ones.

No one WANTS to have enough repetitions of life-threatening situations to be able to deal with them calmly and efficiently.  But without that "unpleasant" experience, your best alternative is advance mental preparation.  I hope you are never the victim of a life-threatening attack, but if it you are I hope you have adequately prepared psychologically.

By the way, if you are concerned about the issues of personal safety and home defense, you may be interested in these posts on the PeakProsperity site:


"Welcome to the Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor."



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Not a lack of police state

I'd have zero psychological problem using a gun if I had to. If it was a matter of protecting myself or anyone else, for that matter, no problemo! 

Currently, most violent crime is domestic. Domestic violence is going to get worse.  To insure your safety you should work toward leaving any situation that looks dicey, on the domestic front. Seriously, rather than trying to protect yourself  from external threats,  you are most likely to suffer at the hands of the clown you married than the zombie gasoline siphoning weirdo you never met. 

People with guns have to be really careful about getting too much into a "stand your ground" mentality. As soon as you get a gun you pretty much default to that camp. If you live in the minimally policed countryside, anywhere, or in places like Oakland, Detroit or Bakersfield, it makes sense, but otherwise, I really wonder. 

I am speaking about the U.S. here. It's a police state, not a lack of police state, like ferFal's Argentina. As far as being a victim of police crime, flying under their radar helps. Being white does too. Class warfare has never been color blind. 




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pepper spray

another less lethal, yet very effective way to repel attackers is pepper spray and zip ties.

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