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Jim H
By Jim H on Wed, Jan 22, 2014 - 11:00pm

I would suspect that blind confidence in paper money has wrecked many a life over history.  Gold, held physically, while it has had it's ups and downs, has almost never done so.  When I read commentators call folks, "Goldbugs" in sarcastic tones, what they usually don't realize is this;  They are, in the process, defining themselves as a paper bugs. 

Now, you might say to yourself.. hey, that doesn't sound so bad... there does not seem to be a lot of connotative baggage that comes along with being termed a, "paper bug".  And you would be right.  A quick Google search indicates the following;

"Gold Bug"    7,700,000 hits

"Paper Bug"  15,100 hits

Hmmmmm.. what's going on here?  People who prefer Gold and like their money with no counter party risk are talked about A LOT on the internet - often with some kind of implied or explicit negativity.  Where did all this negativity come from?  Is it deserved?  For gosh sakes... fiat money is debt... shouldn't there be lots of anti-fiat "debt bug" talk out there on the Internet? Almost none.  Just a little bit here, and at KingWorldNews, and on ZH.   

There is no paper bug talk because so few understand what our money is today.  The Google results above are indicative of mass ignorance.. ignorance of history, ignorance of the dynamics of debt-based money, ignorance of the unsustainable tension between exponentially growing money and it's tendency to accelerate (pull forward) the plunder of finite resources.  Ignorance, or generational forgetfulness, of the existence of counter party risk inherent in fiat currency.

Given all this ignorance, it's easy to see how regular folks who know nothing but paper get conscripted as the foot soldiers of the bankers in this mass media propaganda endeavor.. while those of us who prefer Gold get treated like the kid in middle school with the big honking retainer.  Hey.. whatever... sticks and stones can break my bones, but Gold will never go to zero.  

21 minutes of intervention for any paperbug you might care about;



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The dog whistle, gold

I believe that I am hearing the sounds of a dog whistle.  China and Japan talking meanly, a California drought affecting food supply (and my family), 2 days in a row of stock market declines despite the best central management money can buy.  I am relieved to have some savings in gold right now,

Too bad I haven't gotten solar panels, rain water collection and a REALLY big garden going yet....


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Paper Bug talk....

I am happy to say that, when you Google the words, "paper bug", as a string... my blog post above hits on the first page of results!  Be the change you want to see   : )


We still have some catching up to do with, "Gold bug" .......

I am with you Sandpuppy... when the market starts giving off scary signs, it tends to remind us how many preps are left to complete..... 


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