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By Siskiyoumom on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 - 10:01pm


I was drawn to the group from the PBS news hour piece on this forum.

Our family is living off the grid in the state of Jefferson.

We are interested in learning from others and have a bit to share as well.

We have a tiny debt free piece of land and have rebuilt an old cabin, developed a spring to provide water and use hydroelectric for our electricity. 

Hope to hear back from member so this group.

It does not seem to be very active by the posts.



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state of jefferson?

jefferson where?   i live in central oregon....sounds "interesting".....spring, your own power....little cabin.....


i raise jersey  cows using lots and lots of power (at high prices), and a federally regulated water ditch...kind of sucks.....i used to have more like your situation, but, i got greedy, sold it at a high price, and bought this higher maintenance but bigger piece of ground....oh well, live and learn...


have you thought of getting a cow for milk?  for 8-9 months of the year, you will have more milk than you know what to do will have to breed her yearly of course....keep the calf on her, and share the milk with the calf.....put the calf in a pen at night.....milk the cow in the morning....let the mom and baby be together all day, it will get plenty of will you have pasture?  cows are amazing conversion machines.....take pretty much roughage and turn it into milk, butter, cheese.......i have a vacuum pump and milking buckets.....i could not bear to hand milk!  but...milking one cow by hand for a few gallons per day is very doable.....


i might be able to help you with cow advice if that is in your plans.......i'm not that big an expert, but, i have been doing it for a few years now, and seem to be able to get it done....


did you mean the county of jefferson?  


anyway....just thought i'd comment...




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Jefferson (proposed Pacific state)

Jefferson (proposed Pacific state)

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Hello Siskiyoumom

Finally, some activity here!  I had been checking for some time and hadn't seen any new comments.  It's been a while since I checked because I just about gave up.

Your situation sounds interesting in the state of Jefferson.


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Following up on recent "State of Jefferson" post

First, welcome and thanks for posting. I've been moving around the country a bit and am now in Texas so I have not posted re; Southern Oregon for awhile. I love the idea of the "State of Jefferson" and can remember driving down I-45 just below Yreka and seeing the barn roof painted with that slogan. I finally saw a book about the State of Jefferson and bought it to read...very interesting.

I'm down in Texas now but plan to get back to Southern Oregon eventually. I'm developing an eco village with a non profit called Healing Hands Ranch where they help homeless guys that truly want to get off the street and make a better life for themselves. We will be building sustainable housing using earth bags, rammed earth, cob and straw bale to start along with designing about 20 acres using permaculture techniques to develop a food forest. In addition we will have 4 green houses 32 x 100 for aquaponics.

If you folks are interested we can stay in touch and exchange ideas and such. Look forward to hearing from you and eventually meeting Ya'll!

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