Why Good People Should Be Armed, by Josie the Outlaw

By thc0655 on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 - 7:06pm


She doesn't say anything new or groundbreaking, but it's still an intriguing presentation.  Maybe it's because one doesn't often hear this kind of truth from a young woman.

Gun control is not about guns: it's about control.

The worst mass murderers in history (Hitler, Stalin and Mao) first disarmed the public and then wiped them out when they couldn't resist.

"Welcome to the Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor."



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Lt. Col. Robert Bateman

Lt. Col. Robert Bateman. Remember that name. I'm expecting TPTB to quickly elevate him to the appropriate post, where his views on disarming Americans can be most useful. I'm thinking Homeland Security, US Attorney General, etc.  

He's simply applying military doctrine (counterinsurgency) to the US: identify the enemy, psychologically weaken them, disarm them, then control/defeat them.  Of course that's classical counterinsurgency strategy, but the problem in this case is that he has identified the enemy as "Americans who own guns."  I give him credit for getting started on TPTB's war on Americans by swinging into action (psyops) before the insurgency has even begun or a shot has been fired.

Since Lt. Col. Bateman is such a Constitutional scholar, I'd like to hear how he thinks the Founders would respond to the news that the "militia" (Bateman says it's the National Guard only) was a wing of the Federal standing Army and was sent in rotations to fight wars in Iraq and Afganistan).  That's not what the Founders envisioned for our regular Army, and most certainly was not what they thought our militia would be necessary for (homeland security, overthrowing a corrupt government).  In fact, Bateman's whole mindset is counter to the Founders.  Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights decided to TRUST THE PEOPLE:  trust them to be armed, trust them with free speech, trust them with their choice of religion (or no religion at all), trust them in their privacy, etc.  Bateman OBVIOUSLY doesn't trust Americans (besides himself) to be armed. Care to guess what he also doesn't trust them with?  My guesses: privacy (NSA surveillance, etc), free speech and freedom to assemble (just for starters).

Bateman, of course, is a perfect illustration of why good people must be armed. This guy will be our modern Hitler's agent for subduing America by force. 


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