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Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Fri, Dec 6, 2013 - 2:37pm

There's a very cool meter from Poodwaddle that keeps measurement of many of the biggest world trends. It's a real-time counter, which adds an element of urgency that static numbers just don't do. (hat tip to user howland for locating this)

Click on any of the images below for the real-time experience:

Environmental Depletion



Energy Depletion

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Arthur Robey
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May the Field be with you.

That is an impressive piece of software.

Sheldrake and McKenna, (who have fed off each other's minds) argue that the direction of reality is towards complexity and that the future causes the present to come into being. Which is not as obvious as it looks.

Sheldrake makes a good case that the "Morphic Field" shapes our destinies.

These complex algos are evidence of this effect.

I wonder what the Field has planned for me tomorrow? I dunno, but I anticipate more complexity.

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Debt Clock is under $17T?

Why is the Poodwaddle debt clock under $17T?  Was the base data not updated after government shutdown?

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Adam Taggart
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Good question, Kugs

I'll ping them to find out why

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pat the rat
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                                         Debt          $17.2 T

                                         Deficient   $ 700 B 

                                         Budget      $ 2.4  T

                                         Interest  rate ? 


  1)  Deficient $ 700 billion a year for 4 years = $2.8 trillion

  2)  Debt $17.2 trillion total I last seen


                                        Total $ 20 trillion

   3)      $ 20 trillion at1.75% = $350 billion or 1/2 of deficient

   4)      $20 trillion at  3.5% = $700 billion or all of deficient

   5)      $ 20 trillion at 5% = $ 1 trillion or 41.%  of budget

   6)      $ 20 trillion a   6 % = $1.2 trillion or 1/2 of budget 

   I believe that we have 4 years at the outside before things very bad !


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