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Hello! We are delighted to find this site, looks like a wonderful resource! Allow me to introduce us, my husband and I have been trying to make it affordable for poor people to thrive, without or without TEOTWAWKI. The best "food solution" we have found is aquaponics. Here is our first system:


We are not "experts" but we are happy to answer any and all questions that we can.


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Welcome! Thanks for posting

Welcome! Thanks for posting the video. I look forward to learning more about aquaponics. 

One question: What kind of fish food do you buy and how much does it cost? Where/how do you buy it most cost effectively? It seems that is the main input of an aquaponics system, and therefore the largest expense in an established system, yes?

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When they are young, we feed

When they are young, we feed them pond pellets. In a fully functioning system, you can grow a bed of duckweed - a high protein algae that you can also feed to cows and chickens. They will also eat scraps from the vegetable beds. An ideal system, in our opinion, would include a gravel bed with worms incorporated which can also be fed to fish and chickens. The ability to raise all your food in an AP system is there if you want to go intensive. You can also geet a goldfish bowl and grow a couple of herbs out of it on the kitchen counter. The ability to scale these sytems to fit any size  onstraints is one of the appeals. An apartment complex could still become self reliant, everyone just grows a different thing and trades... Or, they can all run to Camp FEMA...

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Window Aquaponics

For those wanting an indoor aquaponics solution that can be DIY (using soda bottles) or bought off the shelf for growing during the winter months and beyond, check out which started in Brooklyn NY by a woman wanting fresh produce in her apartment who was tired of paying the organic produce prices in the supermarket.

Window Farm How it Works

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Excellent information, thanks

Excellent information, thanks for posting.

The DIY looks good, too!

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