Shall we kick things off?

By JorahMoss on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 - 6:06pm

I've just joined this site today, but I'm very interested in a careful, well-thought-out approach to the future. I'd be glad to meet in Pineville some weekend to chat. 




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Thank you for accepting me to the group.

I've been lovingly perusing seed/plant catalogs this week; one of my favorite reads.  This year I want to put in more fruit trees as well as berry bushes, both medicinal and food.  I'm hoping to put two cherry trees in the ground within the next few weeks.  I want to try the "circular" planting system.  I plan on adding various bushes around the trees, starting with elderberry.  While amazon has dried fruit at a reasonable price I'd rather grow my own.  Later on the outer "ring" I'll put in perennial herbs/edible flowers....though I think those will be bordered off beds so they don't take over the yard.

Is anyone else dreaming of their spring garden?  What do you plan on putting in?

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Spring Garden

I am so looking forward to gardening this year. I am hoping to start earlier and with all NON-GMO seeds. The last two years I have started things from seeds and just used what was locally available. We have a raised beds which did well the first year but this year, my cucumbers were decimated by Aphids. What a disappointment!! I have been looking at natural ways to remedy this. I welcome an exchange of ideas and points of view on self-reliance. Hopefully we will get the meeting set up soon. Jack is going to send out a possible meeting schedule. We let the Holidays distract us. 

Best wishes,


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spring garden

We are year around market growers in the heart of Charlotte (Starmount Neighborhood) and at the moment are struggling keeping our crops warm enough to survive the cold we've been experiencing this past few weeks and upcoming. I can only dream of spring whilst I grow my winter super salad mix, several kales, chards, romaines, and keep my chickens from freezing their butts so we will have eggs as well for sale at the Atherton Market in SouthEnd where we are vendors as Harmony Gardens. Those lovely seed catalogs lay there unread until I have the time to luxuriate in their perusal. Next week we will begin the process of starting seeds for the warm weather crops (tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplants, herbs and the like). Fortunately we have on our half acre site, five small greenhouses and a high tunnel (hoophouse) to protect all of our stuff from the elements.


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