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By data gatherer on Sat, Nov 23, 2013 - 5:43pm

I'm aware that furniture blocking heating vents can run up your energy bill and waste energy.  Has anyone found any good contraptions which redirect heat from the vent in a floor and under anything that might be blocking it (like a couch) into the center of a room?


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We built a couple of wooden platforms to solve this issue.

Maybe not exactly what you're thinking of, but in our new house, there are two places where furniture obscures the heating vents.  One is under a small chest of drawers and one is under a long bookshelf.  For the chest of drawers, we just built a small platform the size of the base, which happens to also be the size of the heating vent.  For the bookshelf, we built a platform about 3" off the ground with an "opening" for the heating vent (only open above the heating vent -- the rest of the platform is closed).  This allows the heat to quickly exit the open area and not get caught under the "dead" end of the platform (because we've closed off that option). 

Sorry, hard to describe, and I wasn't the carpenter, so I can't rattle off specifics.

That said, at this point, we're using the oil furnace less than 1% of the winter, if at all, so it's not really necessary this year, but when the heat is on, these platforms are helpful and makes a difference.  Depending on your furniture/vent situation, I'd try to figure out a design for some kind of easily-constructed channel to direct the hot air to the open part of the room.

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Amanda's idea is good.You

Amanda's idea is good.

You can also buy a sheet of vent making panel and foil tape and make a rectangular tube to slide under your furniture.

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Insulate the box or channel

We built a similar wooden box/channel, and lined the interior with scraps of a reflective thin-layer insulation. That helps keep the heat from rising up into whatever is above the channel, so more warm air is directed out into the room.

And today the house is also insulated by 8" of snow. :)

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