practice planning and thinking

By digging on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 - 8:03pm

I've been thinking a lot about this of late and I've come to realize part of the challenge is that we need to relearn the way we observe, the things that we will notice. Right now we have been trained to focus on the most wasteful of topics. Just practicing to assess every object we past and every trip and movements we make. To begin relearning how to see 'imbedded' solar energy in the world around us.Learning how to conserve energy to design our work and actions to be as productive as possible. How we design everything.....

This I feel will be at the heart of what is coming and the challenge we will face.

I've been thinking about living without electricity. First I was thinking about how to create power via solar and wind, but then as I think about it going farther into the future it seems that everything connected to electricity starts becoming a challenge to maintain via parts and such, light bulbs burning out etc. So then what really is going to be a sustainable life style?? I mean one that we personally literally will be able to sustain locally depending on what is around us??

Thus one thing I would like to maintain in the future is a light source of some kind. I think LIGHT during the night will become very very valuable, a sustainable reliable light source....




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