What advice do you have for other "preppers without partners"?

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Thu, Oct 24, 2013 - 10:27am

What wisdom do you wish someone had imparted to you when you were a) first unpartnered or b) first prepping by yourself?

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Hooking up with women farmers has been a life saver!

I am not big enough, or strong enough to do many of the things needing to be done, especially those 2 person jobs, so I immediately started hooking up with other women farmers. We actually share a lot of the work and none of us keep score because you never known when you are going to be the one calling for help.

I also have a great group from church. My personal goal is to make the place "inviting" by repairing the old spa and building a sauna so I will have no problem having a work party here on a Saturday to do a project, then grill something for dinner and let them have free access to the things that will help them relax. That's the game plan anyway. The spa and future sauna (a rocket mass heater system for heating the spa water and house as needed), both will hold 6 people so that should be enough hands to do bigger jobs.

i also have enough space for a dozen campers to park, without hookups. 

So, the goal to get others to help with the big jobs should be easier if you have something to offer them, a meal, a chance to build relationships, fruits, veggies, a chance to commune with nature and maybe a little life-skills experience.

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