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By dbperry7 on Sun, Oct 20, 2013 - 4:12pm

Members may be interested in a new blog by Tom Harriman addressing the challenges confronting Americans as conditions deteriorate. He apparently expects things to get much worse, and he's asking for feedback for a book he is writing. The focus seems to be the way we think about our vision, personal responsibility, and how to work together effectively despite differences of opinion, perspective, ethnicity, etc. He is addressing Americans, but it all seems applicable to everyone.

The bog is called "Seeking Freedoms Truth," and the url is

He is just a little way into the writing -- five chapters -- but seems intent on getting practical. I certainly hope so.  I would like to engage with others to dialog on this kind of approach to seeking solutions, building communities, thinking about security and managing conflict.

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Community IS a Process

Interesting coincidence of the title of this discussion, and an article by Mary Parker Follett in 1919.  Follett was a polymath, with a considerable insight into psychology (then a relatively new discipline), as well as the workings of society and politics, and a community activist with practical experience to ground her ideas.  More of her writing is available at the referenced site.  On a quick reading of Harriman's Preface, it looks like this essay, as well as her book "The New State" might be of value to his project.  I'll read further and stay tuned.

Thanks to the moderator for introducing this topic.

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