The movie- I Am
By [email protected] on Thu, Sep 26, 2013 - 7:38pm

I just watched a movie called I am on Netflix and I was struck by how the conclusions of the movie mirror much of what the Peak Prosperity people believe in. If you have some time to watch it I suspect that you will enjoy and learn some things that add to your life.


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Movie " I Am " on Netflix was fascinating

Thanks Jim, what a gem of movie! I also highly recommend this documentary. It give me hope that we're more than what the capitalist have kept throwing  at us, that human beings are hard wired for greed , competition and the survival of the fittest.

While we're on the subject of community building, Here's a link to a one hour seminar done by a mining engineer Simon Michaux that shows exactly where we are, where we're heading and how to start building first, resilient households then resilient communities with flow charts. How we're going to do it.  In order for it to happen we must care for each other by becoming interdependent and losing the idea of being dependent on these highly centralized complex systems. This was sent to me by another PP member Luc. 

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a movie called "The Whale"

This movie is really worth seeing. It is about a whale named Luna that wanted friendship with the people that lived on a bay in Canada. The people responded to the whale and friendships were formed. Sad ending but a very interesting film. Highly recommended by me as a fascinating film about whales. The movie is on netflix.


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