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By HughK on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 - 2:27pm

This thread is for people who are interested in participating in discussions on a particular book, in a basic book club style. 

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PP book club proposal

Dear PPers,

Recently I approached Jan (westcoastjan) and asked her if she'd be interested in trying to start a Peak Prosperity book club, on some topic that connects to one or all of the Three E's.  She said that she might be interested, and that I should propose it to the PP community.  

I benefit a lot from sharing ideas with other people when I read a book, and I'm hoping that a few others out there feel the same.

Of course, we'd have to pick a book to read, so if you're interested, please respond with a preference and/or suggestion.

Right now, these are the three books that I'd like to put up for consideration, but if other people have other ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Energy and the Wealth of Nations by Charles Hall and Kent Klitgaard  (Hall is one of the world's most eminent scholars on the topic of biophysical economics and declining energy return on investment (EROI).  Since we know that the current mainstreameconomic paradigms are no longer very helpful, why not focus on a new economic paradigm that uses energy instead of fiat currency as the primary unit of account?  I haven't read this book, and this is my top choice.)

The Five Stages of Collapse by Dmitry Orlov  (Orlov, a Russian-born American, studied and witnessed the collapse of the USSR on several trips back to the land of his birth.  I don't know much more about Orlov or his book besides that, but it sounds interesting and Jan is already reading it.)

Peeking at Peak Oil by Kjell Aleklett  (Aleklett is one of the world's leading experts on peak oil and this book is an updated account of the extent to which peak oil theory is indeed an accurate reflection of the state of the world's production and reserves of petroleum.  There are lots of nicely illustrated pictures and graphs that make the book a bit more intelligible and fun to read.  I have already read some parts of this book.)

If people are interested in picking one of these, then great!  Or, if there are other books that people would like to propose, then let's discuss those as well.  It would be ideal if we can agree on one book and read and discuss this, but there might be other ways to do this as well.  I'm really hoping that enough people will be interested in this to make for some lively discussions.



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