Happy Birthday, Chris!!

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, Sep 15, 2013 - 4:28pm

Today the good doctor turns another year older:

If you have any well-wishes for him, please share them in the Comments section below.


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Happy Birthday Chris!

We wish many blessings for you today and all year through!

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happy birthday, and thank you!


thanks for all the work you've done opening our eyes to the predicament we are all in, and preparing for the crash.


a birthday present for you, from larry summers:



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Arthur Robey
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Happy Birthday.

Eat anti-oxidants and plenty of omega3. We are going to need that brain for a while yet.

I see that you and I were born on an auspicious month.

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best wishes Chris

As a birthday present I just wanted to tell you that YOU made a big difference in my life, and I am a better person, in a better place because of it. Thank you Chris!

I hope your day was filled with all the people and things that mean the most to you - if I know you at all that meant Becca and the kids, and enjoying produce/food from all of your efforts together on your homestead. Now that is a priceless gift!

Jan cheeky

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Wendy S. Delmater
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Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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Tim Ladson
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Happy Birthday Chris !

Thanks for the great work you do that helps keep the rest of us a little more sane.

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Happy Birthday and I hope

you are reading this after your birthday as today was way too gorgeous to be in front of the computer. smiley

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My Birthday Present

I asked Larry Summers to withdraw, and he did.  What a swell guy!


Thank you all for the well wishes!


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Happy Birthday

I'd play this for you, but this guy seems to play it better:

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Chris, may this be the best birthday ever!

From one of your biggest 'fans'. Ever since reading your book 'Crash Course', watching the video, then buying it and sharing it among many people over discussions about its implications for our future, this incredibly powerful, yet easy-to-understand information about the three 'E's' has completely changed the course of my life.

Because of that video (along with a few other important reasons), I have moved to Vancouver (from Toronto), have immersed myself in the Transition Movement with Village Vancouver, have started learning how to grow a garden, create a vermiculture bin, purchased a moped to replace my car and many other changes to simplify/streamline my life while building relationships and community.

So, I honour you and your team and the vital work that you're doing to help bring truth, facts and wisdom to our shared story of humanity at this critical time.



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Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy Birthday, Chris!  

Thanks for sharing your gift of understanding, and for helping us to see through the fog of an insane world.

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Mark Cochrane
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In celebration....


In celebration of your birthday my wife and I just made our first foray into pressure canning and have managed to process about 100lb of tomatoes, much of them from our own little garden. Thanks for pointing the way to many useful and satisfying ways to respond to our situation.



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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Chris!

Dear Chris,

Thanks so much for creating the Crash Course as well as Peak Prosperity.  Since I read the book version of the Crash Course, and soon after started listening to your podcasts in the winter of 2012 I have learned a ton, and really enjoyed myself along the way.  Your big-picture generalist analysis is such a refreshing and edifying perspective when compared to most other sources that I have encountered, and I hope to learn more from you and the PeakProsperity community in the months and years to come.

I wish you many happy returns,


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Bankers Slave
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lang may yer lumb reek!

Many happy returns and thank you from Scotland.

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Happy Birthday Chis!

Best wishes to you. Around these parts, we are currently celebrating "Jefftember" - the month long festival of my birth... One day simply isn't enough. I encourage you and others to consider doing the same. In any case, hope you take some time to enjoy yourself.

Peace - Jeff and Susan from Missouri

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