Russia calls on Syria to hand over chemical weapons

By pierreapienaar on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 - 8:37am

Russia calls on Syria to hand over chemical weapons.  News that dominate the headlines worldwide. It’s all about Syria, possible intervention of the United States, Russia’s proposal of Syria handing over their chemical weapons to international body.

How will this affect you as trader, and especially trading Crude Oil?

Read more attachment, and leve your valuable comments.


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You can't be Syrias

O'bomb-a sidestepped the issue tonight. I think he knew he would lose a vote in congress. Besides, he has a scapegoat since Russia is trying to get Syria to release its chemical weapons to Russia. Russia doesn't like playing plebe to anyone. Will they be honest and forthcoming? If Syria releases some chemical weapons, can we ever be sure they released all of them? Why would they? Why would O'bomb-a think they would come clean? If they admit to having chemical weapons, they WILL be attacked. If they don't know this, they deserve to be attacked.

O'bomb-a must know that the economic fan is spinning. Does he have any other choice than to throw fecal matter at the blades? He's been backed down by reality. His speech acknowledges his predicament.

So, my question is "why was Syria necessary?" It is obviously a distraction ... but, from what? Is the inevitable arriving? Has the economic game played out? Are the remaining choices that horrible?


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9/11 Emotional Day, A New War in Syria?

From a very windy Windhoek (Name derives from the prevailing winds), Namibia. Remember, the PM of the United Kingdom, Harold Macmillan’s, quote in the sixties, “The Wind of Change”?


I remember, switching the on the TV and saw this plane flying right into the twin towers. It was unreal, but it was the start of war on terror, the crusade against Muslims, “The Wind of Change”, that costs lot of deaths and emotional unstable societies. Dictators were toppled in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bin Laden was killed, but something that is still alive. Al Qaeda, and they are like mutants, mutating into smaller, but effective cells, and where the Arab Spring flourished, their activities flourished as well. It all turned into a Desert Storm or Wintery Storm. Just look towards Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and now in Syria as well. Unfortunately, they piggy-back all efforts towards democracy, and what we’ll get in Syria more violence, and it will spread even further, if the United States intervene in Syria. Russia is anxious, because of it’s own problem with Muslim extremists activities in the their Caucuses area.


Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, if governments start looking inwards to their own problems and not mingling in other countries’ affairs. By supporting “opposition groups” in, especially, Muslim countries, just give fuel to more violence, and indirectly supporting Al Qaeda and like-minded groups.


All efforts are now on the go at the UN, and Washington, to try finding a solution that will stop intervention, but to get rid of the Chemical Weapons.

Will the Russian Plan work? Russia clashed once again with Western powers on Tuesday as envoys drafted a UN resolution to add muscle to a plan to strip Syria of its chemical weapons. Russia's proposal to stave off threatened US strikes on Syria through a handover of chemical weapons received a cautious welcome on Tuesday even from backers of military action, with President Barack Obama describing the idea as a "potential breakthrough".

Intervention just delayed? US President Barack Obama maintained his threat to launch military strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even while cranking up the diplomatic pressure on Moscow. They said the White House would examine the Russian initiative while still seeking domestic Congressional authorization for a limited package of missile strikes.

"We're waiting for that proposal. But we're not waiting for long," US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

What about the French Plan?

The French Plan will not work, because they feel that the Syrian Government is the only perpetrator here, by the UN already declared the Rebel Groups obtained chemical weapons, most probably fro the stockpiles captured, and it will used. A very interesting story came forward with “Chemical attack was rebel provocation, former captives say — RT News:” Two journalists proclaimed were responsible for the chemical attacks at they were responsible for the chemical attacks to provoke Foreign Interventions. True, thee are no other real evidence who used the chemical weapons. Proof is the only answer.

In the mean time Oil and gold traders are buying due to the uncertainties there are huge fluctuations from positive (Downward trend) to negative (Upward trend).


I hope you will find time and effort to make use of these trends to make profits.


On the political fund I hope good reason will prevail, a new “The Wind of Change”, and once again, my condolences to everybody who lost family and friends in these conflicts.


Nothing is more dangerous than a dogmatic worldview - nothing more constraining, more blinding to innovation, more destructive of openness to novelty.

Stephen Jay Gould

Speak Your Mind.


May God be with us all.



Have a peaceful, purposeful, happy, and profitable day”


Pierre A Pienaar


Count Your Blessings Every Day


P.S. Oil drops on changed Syria outlook

Oil prices fell sharply for a second day running on Tuesday on easing fears of a possible US military strike on Syria.

US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for October delivery dropped $2.13 to close at $107.39 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

European benchmark Brent North Sea crude oil for October delivery shed $2.47 to stand at $111.25 a barrel.

The mood in markets has shifted since Russia proposed Monday that Syria's chemical weapons stock could be brought under international control in a bid to head off threatened US military strikes.

US equities rose Monday and were rallying Tuesday, while oil prices have dropped as the prospect of US military action has declined.

"Clearly the news about Syria drove the price," said James Williams of WTRG Economics. "We've lost most of the Syria risk premium."

"All is coming together for an avoidance of the military strike, which was a big part of the reason WTI ran up," said John Kilduff, a trader at Again Capital.

The New York benchmark contract last week shot up to $110.53 a barrel due to Syria tensions, the highest level since May 2011.

Analysts noted that Tuesday's decline in oil prices came despite a bullish economic report from China, a key market for oil consumption growth.

Chinese industrial production rose at its fastest pace in 17 months in August, authorities said Tuesday, the latest in a series of better-than-expected indicators pointing to a pick-up in the world's second-largest economy.



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