Hey there fellow Texans!

By Retha on Sun, Sep 1, 2013 - 10:25am

It's been a crazy hot summer! Hope y'all are staying cool!  Struggling to keep my fruit trees happy with the semi-drought thing going on.  Chicken pen is complete and plan to add a bigger coop soon for more chickens! My friends think I've got a 'chicken issue' surprise  But in addition to getting eggs everyday, I have traded some for tractor work!    And that's a good thing!

Plans in place to start on the vegie garden.  'Work' keeps getting in the way of doing things I want to do!  Seems to take forever to get preps done...feels like we're running out of time sometimes.  I keep plugging away though!  My mind is starting to think honey bees now...anyone have bees?

I'm north of Houston in Magnolia if anyone is out this way, give me a shout. :)


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Hi there

Glad to have the hot weather finally break.  I'm finishing off the raised bed garden now that the weather has turned.  I'll get some garden soil and compost in there and get to plantin'.  Time to try again with the worm bin too.

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