90% Bag Silver Pricing?

By KugsCheese on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 - 8:18pm
  HAA GM Prov. Metals Spot  
(1) Gold 1 oz $1,416.48 $1,407.06   $1,376.70  
(1) Over Spot 2.89% 2.21%   0.00%  
Silver 1 oz       23.17  
(2) Junk Silver 715 $19,328.74   $19,072.63 $17,012.00 See http://cointrackers.com/blog/2/junk-silver-prices-today/#1000
(2) per oz 27.03   $26.68    
(2) Over Spot OZ 16.66%   12.11%    
(2) Over Spot Bag 13.62%        

My understanding is that "Junk Silver" should trade near spot price since it has no good controls such as certified bars.  If so, then why does HAA and Provident Metals sell it for such a premium versus the gold offerings?

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Triple post

My post was triple posted due to problems with the website posting.  I got a blank page so hit refresh twice IIRC.   Why did this happen?

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