Off grid living

By Ronjf1 on Fri, Aug 16, 2013 - 9:05am

I am interested in meeting those living off grid and gathering their stories. What type of structure are you living in? Did you build it? What do you use for energy production? Do you grow your own food? How do you handle heat and cooling requirments?

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hello/ tesla coil for energy


You set up this group in 2013 at Peak Prosperity. Do you remember? Are you lonely up there in Saratoga?

I'm in Downsville, Delaware county. I see Peak Prosperity doesn't get a lot of people int his neck of the woods.Have you found another group that has some people?

I can't say I   have many things to ad, except that I have been interested in keeping warm this winter.

Using wood heat and attempting to build a  Tesla coil that works with an induction cooktop. Hoping to set it up with 2 infrared quartz heaters. The only heat in this place is electric baseboard. Anxious to haar from you and see what you are doing to get off the grid etc.


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