New Political Party addressing Crash Course issues in New Zealand (New Economics Party)

Amanda V
By Amanda V on Sat, Aug 10, 2013 - 3:38am

Hi New Zealand PP members.

My name is Amanda, I've chatted to some of you from time to time in the past, so some of you know me from that.

I think you will find this information quite interesting, as there is a new political party in NZ with quite radical policies to address the debt-based interest-bearing money supply, tax and welfare issues.

First I would like to say, that I had put a post up on this forum a long time ago about this, but it never appeared.  Is it against the rules to promote a particular political party?  I was a bit bummed.  So please, do not flag this as spam because it isn't. It is very relevant to changing the world the Crash course describes in to an economically and environmentally sustainable one.  Finally there is a political party we can vote for that recognises the predicaments we face.

The party is The New Economics party, and here is the website:

Here is a youtube video I took the other day:

Here is a slideshare of their ideas:

Here is a small blurb I cut and pasted:


Currently, privately owned banks create our money supply through interest-bearing debt.  Our economy is then required to “grow” in order to pay the interest of yesterday’s debt, and this is done by yet more debt.  It is a giant Ponzi scheme.  This paradigm is killing our planet, increasing the gap between rich and poor and is ultimately unsustainable.

Our present tax and welfare system then attempts to “fix” the problems and disparities created from it.  Various other political parties attempt to shunt funding back or forth between the rich and the poor according to their left or right wing tax and welfare policies.

We say let’s fix the system that creates our problems in the first place.  We propose the gradual introduction of a new system, in parallel, to avoid shock. The three key factors (money, tax and welfare) are addressed simultaneously, as we recognise that our society is so interconnected that we cannot change one part without affecting others. In our new system we can have a thriving economy and healthy environment without the need for perpetual growth on a finite planet.


So, I think the whole thing is pretty neat anyway!



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I'll certainly be checking them out before the next election.


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