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By phecksel on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 - 11:40am

WooHoo, no more threats of BBQ, Wings, or Cacciatore :)  One hen of 8 has started producing.  First egg was dropped on to the hard surface, and cracked.  She keeps pushing the straw out of the way, which was explained she trying to get some privacy.  3 eggs in 4 days, and another one looks like she's about ready to start.


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Is this a nesting box or

Is this a nesting box or somewhere in the coop?

1. I use pine shavings, which are softer and harder to completely remove from the nexting box.

2. You can use golf balls or fake wooden eggs in your nesting boxes to encourage the hens to lay there.  Once one starts laying in the nesting box, the rest will follow.  The opposite is also true though; if they start laying in places you don't want, they will teach the others to follow suit!

Good luck.

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Nesting box in the coop.  We

Nesting box in the coop.  We went from 1 to 6 layers in one week.  Yesterday, they were literally standing in line to use box #1 (of 3).  Today, one went into a different box.  Also today, one hen had somehow managed to get behind the fence behind the raised bed and the property fence and when SWMBO went to get her out, she dropped two incompletely formed eggs in the middle of the yard.  We don't think she had started laying yet.

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