Infographic: U.S. Government "Missing" Over $12 Trillion

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 - 10:01am

Looking at the U.S. Government's own records, over $12.4 trillion has gone "missing," according to That's over 70% of our $17T national debt.

For the millions of American's who go through the stress and belt-tightening each year of preparing & paying their taxes, it begs the question Why bother? if the money is just going to be lost through mismanagement and/or fraud:

Missing Money
Source: Missing Money

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An associate of mine used to say that in order to get anything done you had to have the money to cover your project plus enough for the other nine hands that went into your envelope.

He had the proportions pretty close to accurate. "Banana Republic" seems inadequate to describe this. Words fail....

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Thats all?

I thought it'd be worse!  Of course, since the fed cannot (sorry, will not) be audited - who's to say how much is really gone, baby gone.

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" I dunno. It was here this morning." Pats pockets.

"Perhaps it is the glovebox. I'll go and check."

"Nope. Not there. Martha, did you see where I put that money?"

"What money, dear?"

"The 12. something Trillion."

"No dear. Perhaps it is on top of the fridge?"

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