Confiscation of Firearms

By jasonw on Fri, Jun 28, 2013 - 6:41pm

Came across the following article on zerohedge.

Canadian Mounted Police Confiscate Guns From Flooded Homes Without Search Warrants

Not sure what the whole story is but wanted to see if we have any members who can speak to this event or the similar situation that occured in New Orleans after Katrina?




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Wendy S. Delmater
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At first it sounds like New Orleans after Katrina. Matiral law, at the local level. I read more and the RCMP's justification was they were afraid the guns would fall into unlawful hands, and would give the guns back with proof of ownership.

I wonder how many of them had an old firearm with no proof of ownership?

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thoughts from close to the situation

A relative lives in High River ( a town living up to the name for sure...) and some family members are over there right now helping folks dig out and try to get their bearings. What my understanding is, is that the RCMP "took the initiative" with so many evacuated homes - some for 10+ days now and counting, on the premise that guns could fall into looters hands. Personally, I had to laugh at this. I am sorry and apologize but this is NOT New Orleans country. The likelihood of someone stealing a gun was slim... not that we are a bunch of angels up here, but I just do not see that happening in this small bedroom  community of Calgary. For sure there are a bunch of gun loving folks in these environs, mostly hunters, but my take - the RCMP went over the line, and quite frankly, focused resources on the wrong threat at the wrong time. People were/are desperate and they focus on this minor issue. Wrong call!

Sorry to say it but these days the RCMP are not looking so good with far more scandals than we like to see. It has been all downhill since they tazered the Polish fellow at the Vancouver Airport, IMHO. The "red tunics" no longer command the respect they once did. Yet another leadership vacuum and another case of a public sector union with way too much power. I feel like a lousy patriot for saying that, but that is the way the cookie is crumbling these days...


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John Lemieux
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A Lousy Patriot?


IMO the RCMP has disgraced themselves to the point that it is only reasonable for Canadians to have lost trust in the orginization. 

I live 10 min from High River Alberta. And half of the house framing crew I work with is from HR. Most of them are now homeless. But I was told at work today that a HR homeowner recorded the RCMP in their home on a battery powered video. And they were seen going through personal belongings. I was also told that charges have been laid against the RCMP for unlawful activity during the flooding and evacuation of HR. HR residents are obviously shell shocked from the devastation of their town. But many residents are also furious about some of the conduct of the RCMP. 

The people of High River has been very good to me since I re-located on my own to Alberta last summer. But I haven't been able to help because the town was evacuated. I hope to be assisting with cleanup efforts this weekend. 


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I hear ya John

Some of the relatives are treading water, so to speak, to get in to town and help - many are ready, willing and able but the boys in the uniforms are seeing things differently and preventing people from doing things for themselves. From MSM reports one could be lead to believe High River is a bastion of Hells's Angels... and it is nothing of the sort.  It is bad enough to have lost so much, never mind being kicked while you are down by the people you are supposed to be ablet turn to. for support.

Note to self: take blinders and rose coloured glasses off...


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Wendy S. Delmater
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population not the same, LEO respose still bad

Westcoastjan said:

I am sorry and apologize but this is NOT New Orleans country.

Of course it's not, but the behavior of the police was very similar - worse in New Orleans, Louisianna (NOLA) since they grabbed the guns from those who were staying and wanted to defend themselves. Just to clarify: we were also very upset with the gun confiscation after Katrina. That was the parallel I was making.

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The writing is

clearly on the wall about matters such as this. Governmental agencies care not how upset the citizenry becomes. After all, what are you going to do about it?

Connect the dots. Governments prefer TOTAL control. That cannot be achieved with an armed population. They will take your guns whenever and wherever they desire and those moments will increase over time.

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agreed Wendy

So far as I know this is unprecedented, but the way the RCMP are going these days, not surprising. There seems to be increasingly rogue behaviour, and/or act first, ask questions later behaviour. Either way I think a lot of people just had their eyes opened a bit more as to what is really starting to happen to us. But as with other instances of rights abuses in both our countries, the sense of large scale outrage seems to be absent. Down the slippery slope we go...

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the many faces of a "fascist oligarchy"

I just wanted to point out an unusually good essay posted right here on PP a couple of weeks ago on the developing dominance of the fascist oligarchy (the empire).  The confiscation of guns, silencing of free speech and an effective press and the imprisonment of whistleblowers are all facets of what seems to me to be a very coordinated series of actions.  I can't "prove" that, but it is my impression.

Can't wait to see Matt Damon's new movie, Elysium!


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Connecticut gun confiscation

I see that this thread hasn't been active in a while, but it seemed like the place to start.

Does anyone want to weigh in on the situation in Connecticut.  The YouTube chatter would seem to suggest that this could get dangerous, at the same time it would seem to be completely logistically impossible for Connecticut to enforce this law.  If the police try to enforce this law some ones going to get shot,  If they don't then why should citizens obey any law.  In 1776 only 3% of the population took up arms, today that would be 10,000,000 people, probably all of whom would be carrying AR or AK variant rifles.

The main stream media doesn't seem to following this and web chatter is what it is.  Any thoughts?

John G.


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robie robinson
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Same question

I posed the same question on the firearms thread a few weeks ago. no reponse.

I live in rural Va. there would be no confiscation here, only blood shed i fear.



ps. this is what i'm into;

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Confiscation - good luck with that

Don't buy into the MSM propaganda.  The vast majority of LEO and rank-and-file military support the 2A.

Some may try, but it would backfire horribly.


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I couldn't agree more!

I've been keeping an eye on MSM commentary online in my neighboring States.  Even Vermont had some weenie rep in the Burlington area who literally copied Feinstein's Bill word-for-word and tried to get it rammed through the Vermont legislature at the time.  Luckily it never got out of committee.  A lot of sportsman had to roar in anger at our reps for violating both 2nd Amendment AND our State Constitution to make our point.  The mere attempt was enough to have every private range in the area end their relationship with the LEO orgs.  If you ever read that legislation you realize that it was poorly written and therefore difficult to enforce.  I read where one blogger from CT made the point that most owners of modern-day sporting firearms 'Are Familiar With the Finer Points of Marksmanship.'

The bleacher perspective I have to say that I am enjoying the position that the CT State has placed themselves in.  If I could, I would purchase a safe and offer to store some of their firearms/ammo in a safe place.  Unfortunately that is unrealistic and simply creates a different problem (OpSec).  The best that can be done, I'm afraid, is to support the victims of such piss poor legislation when they call for that support.

There but for the grace of God go I!  We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately!  

So many great quotes, so little time!  Cheers!


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