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By alansills on Sun, Jun 23, 2013 - 8:35pm

I'm an RV'er, have been since Dec 2011. I love the lifestyle, and the FREEDOM! I covered over 10,000 miles in my first 11 months, traveling from Florida to NJ to Utah, then Texas before "landing" in Colorado...

THEN I spent the WINTER at 6700 ft. in Steamboat Springs where temperatures fell to -35F and snow was on the ground for about 4 months! And...I loved it! 

Now I'm at Steamboat Lake - about 30 "clicks" North of Steamboat - days are near 80 and nights near 40 - no humidity, and my neighbors are all campers. Loving it. 

I earn my living online so I am truly "location neutral". 

Your story? 

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What does it take to stay in cold climates in an RV?

Hi alansills!

What is your RV like?  Most full timers that I read about head south for the winter.  We're thinking about full-timing and I'd rather not go south every winter, but it's my impression that most RVs can't survive hard freezes without major plumbing damage.



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I have with my wife started

I have with my wife started seeing if this form of travel and living would be too confining. It isn't. What a joy to just go and seek out all the visual pleasures.

I don't think in light of what is happening out there if this is the smartest way to live full time however.

I am a homebody first, survive as best I can using what land and skill sets I possess. However, while the gettin' is good I get.

South is where we head as winter is just too brutal for the arthritic active types who need to be nice and loosy goosy. Besides, we have family all over, Texas, Arizona, Florida, California, and friends in the Carolina's so we visit, get fat, and live off the stored energy of our visits. It doesn't cost anything to eat others fine cooking. Yes, we are free loaders while away. We reciprocate in kind too. We still work so that inhibits us for now but if retirement is somehow possible in a bankrupt world then 2 Thumbs up on the camper life when that time arrives.. 

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VW westfalia

my,now wife, girlfriend and i traveled alll over NA and some central during the late '70's and early '80's. have the greatest memories,however much the road still calls, i'm glad i stayed on the farm glad i listened to my old man.  robie

obtw it was a '71 bus, was east bound on rte10 outa naleens when she blew the spark plug outa number three cylinder. we pulled into a camp ground in gulfport Miss. i pulled the engine onto my chest took the cylinder head off hitchiked to new orleans for machinists repair, hitchiked back put her together(the bus not my girl friend) and headed back to Tallahasee.

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I've always wanted

to take an old triple drop household goods trailer and convert it into an rv with room for EVERYTHING.  I mean, like a diesel tank on the deck, PVC routed conduits for water, electrical, etc., spray foam insulation, small garage/shop in the rear, gensetS for backup, deck on the roof, solar panels too.  Like a project where your imagination is the limiting factor.  Or money, whichever comes first I guess.

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Been there done that...

Been traveling the US in a 30' travel trailer for 2 years. 2 adults, 2 teens a golden ret. and a cat.. We just bought land in Texas are looking forward to the day the trailer retires...  Now if it was just the two of us and the old paradigm... might just keep on going north and south....   

It was great at first and we have seen and done so much and really enjoyed meeting other RVer's. It is not for teens looking to build their resilient lives so we are stopping.  

Since we don't like cold weather we never had to deal with heat tapes, tank warmers and space heaters.  I have a lot of respect for those that can make cold weather RVing work!   

Happy motoring!


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We are planning to retire as fulltime RVers

My wife and I are planning to retire to an EV life in about 3 years. We are researching RVS and are leaning toward the Excel line. We are really looking forward to it.


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How do you prepare for survival in rv living?

We are dreaming about getting rv when we retire too.  But I am very puzzle as to how we can avoid  chaos or prepare for survival if we are on the road.  To me, I think the 2 activities are in conflict with each other.  Any advise or insight?

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