Chris Discusses Market Instability on RTTV

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 - 8:49pm

For those looking for Chris' additional thoughts on the market instability he wrote about yesterday in Everything Is Being Sold, watch this interview with RTTV's 'Prime Interest':


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Chris Martenson on RT

Over the past several years I've found that "RT" -- which stands for Russia Today -- has quite a good English language news and commentary service. There is also at least one good English language service in the Middle East. These networks stand head and shoulders in quality above ABC, CBS and NBC, the traditional USA television networks. I'm not including Fox simply because I'm focusing on the traditional news networks.

The RT host who interviewed Chris Martenson asked intelligent questions and listened respectfully to the answers. Just imagine how Martenson would have been treated on the aforementioned US networks.

My contempt for American network television news is such that I tune them out completely. I no longer watch television at all except when I'm a captive audience in my doctor's waiting room. The U.S. press (as in "the newspaper of record") is little better. Today it is, "All the news that fits our bias, we print". It used to be "All the news that's fit to print", which morphed to "All the news that fits, we print" before the present "standard" emerged.

There are some serious broadsheet (as opposed to tabloid) newspapers in the U.K. The Telegraph is pretty good and the Guardian (a leftist publication but serious about reporting standards) has broken some good stories recently. The Economist (a magazine that bills itself as a newspaper) is a good, but exhausive, read.

I find it sad that Chris Martenson must rely on a foreign news service to get his message out to a larger audience.




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Chris's interview a "must-watch" per ZH

ZeroHedge has posted both Chris's recent article and interview, with the following commentary:

[ZH: Must-watch clarifying few minutes with Chris - grab a glass of Absynth, forward to 1:40 in the following clip and listen]


Congratulations Chris!!

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Chris'Diminishing Returns on Public Debt

Wow, what a great interview! Makes me proud to be a member of Chris's blog.

Chris ends up stating that the Fed will finally have no choice but to double down on massively expanding credit to create new debt.  But can this really help?  In October of last year, Charles Hugh Smith (link below) argued that "borrowing a dollar [now] generates negative growth, as the cost of servicing the debt exceeds the meager yield."  Do we agree with Mr. Smith on this?  If so, why would the Fed think this double down would have a prayer of success?  Wouldn't the same apply to Abenomics in Japan?  Or has the Fed entirely left reason behind?

Clarification on this point would be much appreciated.


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Or to rephrase, why is Public Debt as referred to in Mr. Smith's post different from any other kind of debt?


(Sorry if I'm being too muddled here).

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Irony and discomfort

Does anyone else feel a sense of irony and discomfort from the headline underneath? (police use water canon on protesters) Probably just me being suspicious, but I can't help feel there's a subliminal message being sent by TPTB. blush

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That's true. All these ECB lendings are really based on the assumption of future growth. It's really a fairy tale hope. Eventually, I guess bailout, bailin and haircut measures have to carry out. I don't even want to think about the stability and sustainability.

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