Thursday's dramatic drop in gold came as no surprise, And Chaturmas, the Fed & Gold's Summer Lull

By pierreapienaar on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 - 6:39am

The huge drop was no surprise. I believe that the next major move in gold would be to the downside. The video runs just under 4 minutes and contains a lifetime of trading education.

No matter what you think of gold, bull or bear, you will find this video interesting and informative and some might even say, disruptive. I will be analyzing both the macro and micro picture for gold and explain where I see it headed in the next three to six months.

In my opinion gold is sure to rally. Today there is a steady, positive move, Gold recovered from a three-year trough on Friday as lower prices attracted Chinese buyers, but will it hold?. As I see it, the noise around gold is based on – when a bull or bear in the market, people tend to believe it will go on like that forever. So when gold was around $1,700 there were speculations that gold would cross $2,000 an ounce. But now that gold is down to $1,380-something people anticipate it to go further down to $1,000!! Markets are driven by fundamentals which support a surge in the gold prices.

Gold rose from the mid-$200s/ounce (mid-$200/oz) in 2002 to as high as $1,900/oz. That clearly suggests that things are not all right in the global economy. Politicians like to create the illusion that they can create something out of nothing and give it to people in exchange for votes. Gold gets in the way of that falsehood politicians wish to use to deceive voters for their own gain and the gain of those who fund their election campaigns.

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