Removing Unwanted Bees Gently

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, Jun 2, 2013 - 9:41pm reader Time2Help has discovered a bee hive in his attic:

He's asking for ideas on how to get the bees out of there without harming them.

To our veteran beekeepers: please respond with any advice below.


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Bumble bees in atic not bees

He has bumble bees in his atic, not honey bees.


I know bumble bees were very hard to introduce to New Zealand, so moving them out without harming them could be a bit tricky.....



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removing bees

Even removing honeybees is a very tricky proposition that requires special tools.

If they are native bees (bumble) and you can let them stay, please do.  They are in deep trouble from the pesticides; same as many other insects. 

Try to find a local beekeeper for help.  Or contact me in Colorado:  303-248-6677   ... dons

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Bees in the attic

Screw it, they can have that corner of the attic for now - with the caveat that I'll check in on the nest in the winter (when dormant) to make sure they are not the "carpenter" variety.

 Other than that - thanks, little guys, for the wonders you are working in our garden.

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