Pocket Gophers

By sdmptww on Sun, Jun 2, 2013 - 5:12am

Does anyone here have any experience combatting what I believe to be pocket gophers in my garden.  The little buggers are slowly marching through my potatoes.  The potatoes are there one day and all of the root is gone the next and what is left of the tops are down in the hole left behind.  They are really enjoying my experiment with Russian fingerlings but have also enjoyed the red and yellow onions (they like the red better based on the number that disappear) and they particularly enjoyed my carrots.  I've tried some of the bought stuff that is suppose to make them disappear, the solar noise makers and the stuff with castor oil.  If they have decreased in numbers I've not noticed.  I do have raised beds inside concrete blocks so I'm down to taking the soil out, putting down a small mesh chicken wire and replacing the dirt.  Makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

Anyone else here find something to keep these little gremlins away from your garden?

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