Gold-Silver ETFs in Retirement Accounts - What to Do Now?

By arblaw88 on Fri, May 17, 2013 - 1:42pm

Greetings Gold & Silver Members.  My first post.  We are among those who do not have cash available to buy and hold physical PMs.  We do have funds in tax deferred retirement accounts and we have invested in two Swiss Physical Gold and Silver ETFs trying to get some of the benefits of investing in PMs with retirement funds.  While many with cash are buying physical Gold & Silver on these price smash downs, I bought a little more of each of the Gold and Silver ETFs on the price drops.  I've been reading that large institutions are withdrawing lots of Gold and Silver from the ETFs which is resulting in the price declines.  I do not understand all of the ins and outs of the PM markets, but I am wondering if those of you who do can shed some light on whether buying additional shares of the Swiss Physical Gold and Silver ETFs as the price drops is akin to buying up real physical PMs right now?  The issue is, we don't have the cash to buy the are we getting tricked by buying the ETFs or will those ETFs go up if the PMs rise dramatically as most of us expect.  Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.


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Gold ETF advice

Hi arblaw88 and all,

I am currently in the process of moving a portion of my retirement fund over to a fund manager that provides several fund options, including two Swiss PM ETFs.


ZKB Silver ETF A (CHF)

They claim to be allocated 100% physical, and the asset holder is the Zurich Kantonal Bank, which is still highly levered and is enmeshed in the international banking system, but much less so than UBS or Credit Suisse.  Also, according to the fact sheet there is no counterparty risk as these ETFs have separate asset status according to Swiss law. 

I realize it's not the same as holding physical PMs under one's direct control, but these are retirement funds that I cannot invest in PMs in any other way, besides very indirectly and partially through some commodity and/or basic materials funds.  The funds manager that I'm (hopefully) moving these assets over to doesn't offer Sprott ETFs, just these ZKB ones.  

If anyone has any feedback or is interested in discussing these ETF's, I'd be grateful.



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retirement plan

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