Canadian Astronaut Sings 'Space Oddity' While in Orbit

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, May 12, 2013 - 11:15pm

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has been entertaining space enthusiasts of all ages with his human interest experiments and observations while serving on the International Space Station.

His tour of duty is up tomorrow. But before leaving for Earth, he's taken the time to turn a favorite bit of space fiction into space fact.

Watch the video below, in which he provides a surprisingly good cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" (his guitar solo is particularly boss):

A pleasure to see someone so successful at making science relatable, fun & inspiring.

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Far out

That's far out, man.


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Isn't this the future we Baby Boomers were anticipating back on those Sunday evenings we spent in front of the TV set watching such informative guides to the future as Disney's Magic Highway USA ?  And now we're preparing for the collapse of industrial civilization--no wonder we're all a bit shell-shocked!

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This was the result of one person's request during an AMA ("Ask Me Anything", an open forum interview hosted by nearly four months ago. In recent years Nasa has undergone significant budget cuts and in my opinion one of the results has been to shift their marketing from a dated model. In management one could look at this as shifting from being vertically structured toward becoming more horizontal. They must reach out, rather than be the mound all pilgrimage towards. Interestingly a hyper successful Kickstarter campaign has raised the needed funds for a 30 sec. promotional video to be aired during the previews segment of the next Star Trek film.

But what's it have to do with this site? Nasa is a fine example of our collective national ingenuity. It is the orgin of the modern solar panel, battery technology, and many other power related efficiencies. The list could go on much further.

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Musica Mundana

Thanks Adam. Fun to watch. Astronaut Cady Coleman lives in our area and I've had the chance to connect with her about music. She is an amazing speaker. To add to yours, here's another video of Cady doing a space/earth flute duet with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull:

I also ran into astronaut Gerry Carr and his wife Patricia Musick last year at a friend's party. Patricia has created an art exhibit based on a gathering of 40 astronauts at the UN in 1990. Six of the astronauts from different countries were asked to address the UN and give a description in their native language of their strongest impression looking back at the earth from space. Each gave a description but did not know what the other five had said. Carr's daughter's were in the audience with their translator headphones. After the six were done, Carr asked his daughters what each had said. The daughter's couldn't believe it, they told him they all said the SAME thing but in different ways. They all used the same four words: Fragile, Sustain, Protect, and Nurture.

The name of her exhibit is "Our Fragile Home."

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